Live video streaming & tracking


Where else can you obtain live video with audio streaming and tracking?

At ASSI Investigations we connect you directly with an investigator on the ground in many parts of the world enabling you to see and anonymously monitor events as they happen, in complete privacy.

Whether you require a static camera or a mobile surveillance operative with camera to keep an eye on premises, business or *people, we do it live with audio and tracking the journey of an event or person. Right where the action is. High-tech surveillance at realistic cost.

View the video on the right and come to our dedicated Track'n'Watch website to try the live environment at

*note we are ethical investigators and will not maintain surveillance of personal partner or children


Investigation by professionals


ASSI Investigations is an Australian Private Investigator company operating out of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

We are experts in investigations and we are a part of the ASSI Global group which includes The Australian School of Security and Investigations, arguably Australia's largest private investigator training company.

Our investigators are highly skilled in specialist areas relating to law enforcement, investigation or security. Whether your teenager is causing you sleepless nights or your company is planning a billion dollar take-over, we can get the answers you need through thorough investigation carried out by professional licensed investigators.

We have female and male investigators able to investigate anything from personal relationship issues, to workplace theft, to liability matters and surveillance in almost any sphere.



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ASSI Investigations has fully licensed well trained investigators able to carry out investigations in any civil or criminal matter including


Explore these areas and talk to us.



Our Private Investigators were instrumental in the arrest and jailing of two offenders for a Nigerian scam. We can investigate nationally and internationally. If you are the victim of fraud then call us now.



The plaintiff is about to argue for a million dollar award, but you just received word that liability has turned out contentious and recovery against a manufacturer may be available. You need someone to investigate. Call the investigators.


Activity Check

Your son or daughter is attending college or university in Australia and this was always a concern to you. Is she mixing with the wrong crowd? Taking drugs? Want to find out? you need someone to investigate. Call the investigators.



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